Religious and Family Freedom and the Wake County School Board

Friday, August 18, 2006

Last night we pulled another late night (these are getting to be a little too common for us) and put together a motion to reconsider on our original motion to allow Brittany to remain at Middle Creek. We've been noticing a pattern. Even though we have filed a few different motions, none of them are being ruled on by the court, while the Defense has filed several motions, all of them getting prompt attention of the judge. In fact the only motion that has been ruled on was the one that we specifically requested a hearing for. We are going to be in touch with the court staff and judges to work this out.

A couple of these motions are very important, because the documentation we have received from the school board has seemed rather incomplete. We don't want to file our brief until we have completed all the discovery (finding of facts) process and we need an extension of time because we haven't received the documents. We're hoping to resolve these motions soon.

One thing that I have noticed in some of the forums are people stating that everyone's re-assignment appeal requests would be of equal weight, and therefore the school board can't grant one of these without granting all of these.

This is a logical falacy. The board has already granted nearly 40% of the reassignment appeals, many of these have been granted for reasons of convenience, such as a teacher who teaches at a school who wishes to have their son or daughter attend the school that they teach at, or a couple has been recently divorced and doesn't want their child to have to adjust to a new school right now.

Considering this, and there is very little information that has been released in these areas to know how the board has ruled, why, and when, I don't see that granting request for a student to remain at the same school due to religious considerations wouldn't fall into at least a similar or more important category.

We have been getting ready for the start of school, hoping and praying that we can find a way to make this transportation situation work. We've had several parents step forward and offer to assist, and we are so grateful for their offers, but we know that it is not a long term solution if we cannot reciprocate.

We hope to find a better way and will keep you up-to-date as new issues occur.

I will be writing my open letter this weekend and hope to have it up by early next week.


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