Religious and Family Freedom and the Wake County School Board

Monday, August 28, 2006

Tonight, as with every Monday night, we celebrate family night. We set aside the whole evening to spend together as a family to talk over what is going on for the week and to have a family member present a lesson on a gospel topic. We call it Family Home Evening.

It's a great time to learn from each other, recharge, reconnect, and plan for the coming week.

Today was also the second day of school and the first day of seminary. We have coordinated with other parents who have children going to seminary near Holly Springs High to allow Brittany to attend, while Amber drives to Middle Creek. It is, at best, a temporary solution.

It is difficult to put your daughter into the hands of others knowing that you cannot reciprocate. You can repay the gas money, but the time cannot be easily repaid.

The school board has argued, among other things, in their case that we could simply hire a taxi to ensure that our daughter could make it from the seminary class to school. I think that is a good example of how careless and flippant the school board has been over the whole issue. Anyone who can suggest putting a teenage daughter into a taxi with an unknown stranger every day of the school year is obviously not considering the well-being of the young woman.

I've attached the open letter and petition to the school board below. Soon I'll have a link where other concerned parents can sign this. I hope be able to present this petition to the school board to let them know that we as parents feel strongly that our families should be allowed to remain together at school and to be able to exercise our religious freedoms without fear of thoughtless policies keeping us from doing so.

Please read this over, make suggestions if you like, and I'll post the link to the petition soon.


David Bailey

(Edited: Final version of petition is shown above. Please consider signing it.)


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