Religious and Family Freedom and the Wake County School Board

Monday, January 22, 2007

We're excited to announce that during the calendar call, when the court schedules the cases to be heard for the week, Judge Manning, who was handling the administrative procedures, decided to hear our case immediately.

Our attorney, Richard Croutharmel, argued that Brittany's best interests were not being served and that Wake County Schools had not shown evidence that the ramifications of school reassignment had been fully considered.

Judge Manning found that there was no evidence that Brittany's best interests were considered by Wake County Schools and remanded the case back to the school board for reconsideration.

The Defense is preparing the order for Judge Manning to sign. They have 30 days to appeal after the order is signed. If they choose not to appeal, we believe the school board will have 30 days in which to hear us again. We plan to express to the school board exactly why Brittany will be best served at Middle Creek High School. We intend to address her academic and artistic improvements as well as the close family ties to her sister. We also plan to readdress the importance of the early morning seminary classes and explain why this extra curricular instruction is so important to us.

Our attorney believes we have a strong case if WCPSS appeals, although it's obviously going to be time consuming. Our strongest concern, aside from Brittany's and her sister's immediate needs, is the apparent effort by WCPSS to continue to delay rather than grant our appeal even when it is evident that our daughters' needs are not being best served with their current plan.

This time, we believe it will be more difficult for the school board to disregard our arguments during the school board hearing.

We will put more details up when we get a copy of the ruling from the court.