Religious and Family Freedom and the Wake County School Board

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Today, we were telephoned by a representative of the school board regarding our appeal. We were informed, informally, because they must notify us by mail, that our appeal was again denied.

We are awaiting the formal notification via letter at which time we may pursue additional actions to allow Brittany and Amber to attend school together.

We have now twice presented to the school board why Amber and Brittany have religious, emotional, and academic reasons to attend school together. Both times, our appeals have been denied.

We will post additional details when we have them, as well as our response to the official notice from the school board.

We're thankful to the News & Observer and T. Keung Hui for their latest article which highlights how difficult it can be for parents trying to do the right thing for their sons and daughters in opposition to the will of the school board. However, I would like to re-state, these are our sons and daughters, and if we don't stand up for what they need, then who will?




  • Best of luck to you. It is inconceivable that the school board would be so inflexible as to deny your daughters access to the same school.

    Even if hundreds of families were given the grace to allow them to attend the student's same school, it would not break the school system or its plans.

    By Blogger Jimmy Bear Pearson, at 2:12 PM  

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