Religious and Family Freedom and the Wake County School Board

Thursday, May 10, 2007


I'm excited to announce that the Education Committee heard and approved House Bill 488 today. That means the next stop is a vote by the full House.

A few representatives from both parties spoke positively about the bill and, at this point, I believe it will pass the House.

This bill allows the school board to opt to delegate some of their authority to a hearing officer on their behalf, when both parties (the board and parent) agree, to assist with the overwhelming issue of the potential hundreds of school reassignment appeals and typically only several school board members. Because the change of school board committee to hearing officer is optional, not mandatory, I believe it would help both overwhelmed school boards, but even more importantly, parents who feel they need more time and attention than the school board members can offer.

A big thanks to Rep. Stam (Wake) and Rep. Gulley (Mecklenburg) and to their staff for their work on this bill! And a big thanks to my dear wife, Rhonda, who showed me the North Carolina General Statute that got me thinking, and ultimately led me to have a conversation with my friend Brian Lehrschall, legislative assistant for Rep. Gulley, and our House representative, Skip Stam, who took quick action on this important issue. Also, we couldn't have gotten the bill on the committee schedule without the help of the Education Committee Chairs, Reps. Bell and Lucas.




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