Religious and Family Freedom and the Wake County School Board

Monday, June 11, 2007


I wanted to share with you a letter I received recently from another parent. (I have been contacted by somewhere around a dozen parents over the past year with similar circumstances and I am aware of many more.)

I've removed names and email addresses, because I don't have permission to share them, but I do want to share a couple things.

A. Those of you in these circumstances aren't alone- not by long shot.

B. I'm not giving up on this cause, I just can't with good conscience allow my daughters to continue to be pawns in the battle any more.

C. Here is some good information for anyone considering a similar move.

D. In addition to the resources below, I encourage you to speak with other government representatives and media representatives.


David Bailey

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Subject: Siblings being separated in WCPSS
Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2007 18:10:09 -0400
From: (name removed)

I found this web site:
and you seemed to start this.

I am currently in shock. My oldest daughter attends Enloe High School. I tried to get my second daughter in through the magnet process, then transfer, and finally an appeal to the school board. I thought since they let my first daughter go to Enloe, the second daughter would get in for the same reasons PLUS her sibling goes there.

I don't know if your petition is what I need to do (or do I need an attorney) or is there no hope? I am just looking for help if you have any suggestions for me.

Thank you,

(name removed)


(name removed),

Hello, my name is David Bailey.

Please do sign the petition. I've switched it to approve first as we've had some spam in the signatures lately.

There is certainly hope. We **HAVE TO** as parents force the school board to acknowledge that families and sibling relationships are important and that we need to ensure that brothers and sisters of the age to go to the same school can.

At present, our family has sued the school board about this. After a year and not enough progress, we decided to drop our suit due to emotional turmoil in our daughters and time & financial constraints. We were doing all the legal briefs ourselves and finally the strain just became too much. However, if we had had the resources to continue it, I think we would ultimately have won, as we had a strong case.

You've got to have money, patience, and you need to get a community following to succeed.

Make certain you go through all of the hoops required as far as request, appeal, etc. There are some tight deadlines where you have to respond within a week of getting letters, make a verbal appeal, etc. Read all the materials and be aware of what the process is and your rights are.

Here's our blog about the process:

Here are some resources you need to know about:

You can get some good information on the Cary Politics forums:

Here are some media resources that I stayed in contact with about our suit. I'm sure they would be interested in speaking with you. The key in speaking to media is to help them understand that your family's struggle is part of a larger struggle. After all, many families are suffering. Kelcey Carlson was especially helpful, but all three were concerned and answered questions for me.

Kelcey Carlson
(email removed- you can contact via link below)

Jessica Jones
WUNC North Carolina Public Radio
(email removed - you can contact via phone below)
(919) 445-9173

T. Keung Hui (pronounced Kern Huey)
News & Observer
(email removed - you can contact via phone or link below)
(919) 829-4534

Please let me know how I can be of assistance.


David Bailey