Religious and Family Freedom and the Wake County School Board

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I thought you'd be interested in this story. This is another good example of how court systems and politicians across the country are slowly chipping away at the rights of the parents versus the state to raise children.

This ruling appears to require state approval for a parent to school their child. Basically, the court ruled that homeschooling is not a constitutional right and therefore, the parent must have state teaching credentials to homeschool their own children. This case can be used by other legal cases as precident, unless depublished (to restrict the effect of the ruling to only this particular case) or alternatively have it overturned by a superior court.

California Court of Appeal rules parents must be credentialed to home school their kids

If you're interested in some ways to help stop this rampant growth of government intrusion into the family and information about the effects of judicial activism, I've found some resources that might be of interest.

Petition to Request Depublishing

Home School Organizations - State and Local

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